Swimming Pool Maintenance

Keeping Your Pool Looking Great Year-Round!

With over 18 years of experience, our highly trained technicians at AZ Oasis Pools are more than qualified to help you make your pool look clear and bright during all months of the year with weekly pool maintenance, service and repair. Often, during the cooler months of the year, you may forget to maintain the chemicals in your pool, which can lead to the buildup of bacteria and algae. To avoid this, we recommend that you enlist the assistance of our pool experts at AZ Oasis Pools.


We not only make sure that your pool or spa water chemistry is properly maintained, but we also routinely service your equipment like the filter, heater, and pump to minimize the need for large repairs or equipment replacement.

Weekly Pool Maintenance

Protect your investment with AZ Oasis Pools Weekly Pool Maintenance program. It’s the best way we know to ensure your pool is clean, safe and ready whenever you want to cool off in your own backyard oasis!

We perform water testing to check for proper chemical levels, cyanuric acid (stabilizer), calcium/total hardness, total dissolved solids, phosphates, and temperature to keep your pool looking good and functioning well.

We keep an electronic record of every service and work to best suit your personalized needs and protect your pool for lifetime quality. We are reliable and trustworthy and each week, you receive an email after your service letting you know we were there.

Pool Cleaning Options

There are two main types of cleaning systems in the Valley.

  1. In-floor pop up systems

In-floor systems utilize pressure to move debris toward the main drain and skimmer so that debris is removed from the water.

  1. Suction/vacuum systems

Vacuum or suction cleaners have water sucked through them to propel them around the bottom of the pool, removing debris as it goes.

The less utilized cleaner types in the Valley are pressure cleaners and robotic cleaners. Pressure cleaners utilize a separate pump to push the cleaner around the bottom of the pool, and they use venturi action to push debris into an attached bag. Robotic cleaners are better utilized to touch up pools between service visits. They are not very effective for removing large amounts of debris from a pool.

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