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Beyond the Clean: Unveiling the Full Range of Pool Services by AZ Oasis Pools

Sure, keeping your pool sparkling clean is essential, but AZ Oasis Pools goes beyond basic maintenance to create a truly complete backyard oasis. We offer a comprehensive suite of pool services designed to enhance your pool experience, improve efficiency, and ensure lasting enjoyment.

Become a Pool Pro with AZ Oasis Pool School

Ever feel a little lost when it comes to pool chemistry? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Perfect for first time pool owners, our Pool School program empowers you with the knowledge and confidence to maintain your pool like a pro. We offer:

  • In-person or virtual workshops: Learn the basics of pool chemistry, water testing, and equipment maintenance in a fun and informative setting. Understanding how to properly care for your pool can save you time, energy and expense. We provide up to one hour of basic instruction on water chemistry, how equipment works, and guidelines for basic maintenance. This workshop does not include disassembling equipment or demonstrating more complex maintenance, such as filter disassembly and cleaning.
  • Personalized consultations: Have a specific pool care question? Our experts are happy to provide personalized guidance

Taking Pool Sanitation to the Next Level: Secondary Disinfection Options

Chlorine is a workhorse for pool sanitation, but it’s not the only option. AZ Oasis Pools offers secondary disinfection methods for a well-rounded approach:

  • Ozone Systems: Ozone is a powerful oxidizer that breaks down contaminants, reducing your reliance on chlorine and minimizing chemical odors.
  • UV Treatment: Utilizes ultraviolet light to kill bacteria and algae, providing an additional layer of protection.

Keeping Your Filter Functioning at its Peak

Your pool filter is the workhorse of your pool’s filtration system. We offer a variety of filter maintenance services to keep it running smoothly:

  • Filter Cleaning: Our technicians will thoroughly clean your filter media, removing dirt and debris to restore its efficiency.
  • Chlorine Wash: A deep clean for cartridge filters that removes built-up chlorine byproducts and restores water flow.
  • Acid Wash: For sand filters, an acid wash can remove stubborn mineral deposits and scale buildup, improving filtration efficiency.

Maintaining & Repairing Your Pool’s Arsenal

We offer maintenance and repair services for a variety of pool equipment, ensuring everything functions optimally:

  • Salt Systems: Saltwater pools offer a softer swimming experience and require less frequent chemical adjustments. We can maintain and repair your salt system to keep it running smoothly.
  • Heaters: Extend your swimming season with a pool heater! We offer maintenance and repair services to keep your heater functioning efficiently.

Upgrading Your Backyard Oasis

AZ Oasis Pools offers a variety of products and pool services to enhance your pool’s functionality and aesthetics:

  • Shade Sails: Beat the desert heat with a stylish shade sail, creating a comfortable spot to relax by the pool.
  • Hand Rails: Improve pool safety and accessibility with sturdy, attractive handrails.
  • Cleaning Systems: Upgrade your pool cleaning routine with an automatic pool cleaner, saving you time and effort.
  • Automation Systems: Take control of your pool with a pool automation system, allowing you to manage filtration, lighting, and other features remotely.

Beyond the Surface: Tile and Coping Care

The beauty of your pool extends beyond the water. We offer:

  • Tile Cleaning: Our technicians will clean and restore your pool tile, removing stains and keeping it looking its best.
  • Vacuums: Invest in the right vacuum to tackle debris on both your pool floor and walls. We can help you choose the perfect vacuum for your needs.

Experience the AZ Oasis Pools Difference

From keeping your water crystal clear to creating a functional and beautiful backyard space, AZ Oasis Pools is your one-stop shop for all your pool care needs. Contact us today and let our experts help you transform your pool into a true oasis!

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